About Us


DUSUNG group established in Qingdao since 2002, after 16 years in the field of the commercial refrigeration  manufacture,we have 5 well-known commercial freezer brands-DUSUNG,KAICHUANG,BINHONG ZHONGKELVNENG, KCK.

DUSUNG refrigeration is the biggest island freezer manufacturer in China.

We have independent r&d institutions, 15% of the engineers have the doctoral and graduate degree. 3~5 new products/year, made more than 40,000 pcs commercial refrigerators in 2017.

8 series,53 categories, 239 kinds of product, for the supermarket,  convenience store, fish market, ice cream and bakery shop… different food retail formats.

40000M² factory, 13pcs large metal equipments, 2 large laser cutting machine, 33sets foaming moulds, 11 sets of it are hydraulic mould, nine assembly lines, make full use of the 3 new product research and quality inspect laboratory, DUSUNG refrigeration get the ISO9001 ISO14001 quality system certification, we could offer the high quality product to client of all over the world.