Commercial Refrigerating Equipment Remote Vertical Double Air Curtain Refrigerator

Model LF1.5ES LF2.0ES LF3.0ES
Display area(㎡ ) 4.38 5.84 8.74
Net Capacity (L) 1250L 1670L 2500L
Unit dimension (mm) 1875*950*2060 2500*950*2060 3750*950*2060
Package dimension (mm) 2085*1064*2250 2710*1064*2250 3930*1064*2250
Net weight (Kg) 248 370 580
20′ Container load 5 4 2
40′HC Container load 11 8 6

Interior air outlet in rear board,supply cold to inner merchandise.


4 standard shelves can be added or decreased.

8-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

The true efficient double air curtain,reduce energy consumpation more than 20%.

Free charge for protect bumper, reduce the possibility of collision damage and maintenance costs.

1-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration
2-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

Optimized evaporator fin spacing, defrost by natural wind, energy saving, low temperature fluctuation.

10-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

Fan cooling design, easy to balance the temperature, keep food fresh.

Shelf reinforcement, the Max load bearing of singal shelf over 60kgs.

5-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration
4-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

Thanks for the world best famous expansion valve-Danfoss, accurate in releasing every drop of refrigerant.

Evaporator composed by Aluminum – fin and copper tube , high efficiency, perfect power exchange.

6-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration
3-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

Standard LED lamp, more bright,better looking on foods.

7-LF-ES-Dusung Refrigeration

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