Commercial Refrigerator Convenience Store Frozen Food Mini Island Freezer

Gross volume (L)375L430L 635L480L

Model SD-400Z  SD-500Z SD-750Z  SD-600DT
Gross volume (L) 375L 430L  635L 480L
Rated power 312 312  332 320
Unit dimension (mm) 1200*750*850 1470*750*850  2000*750*850  1605*750*850
Package dimension (mm) 1250*780*890 1520*780*890  2050*780*890 1650*780*890
Net weight 68Kg 74Kg 96Kg 82Kg
Gross weight 75Kg 84Kg 108Kg 93Kg
20′ Container load 20 14  12 14
40′HC Container load 46 30  28 28

Curved glass door , more display area.


Cabinets could be combined freely according to your store space.


Thanks for the chick liner material,more durable in use.

The protection bumper adopts the soft upper, hard bottom design, and the bottom plate material is aluminum alloy.

9-SD-Z-Dusung Refrigeration

High-efficiency compressor and fan motor ,more eco-friendly and energy saving.

Electronic controller , precise temp control.


Standard 6000K LED light belt,  individual switch with refrigeration’s,free control seperately.

Inherit the chinese best hot sale island freezer ZD’s gene, better perfromance to reach to -25℃ and 39% energy saving.

10-SD-Z-Dusung Refrigeration

Fully Freon-free design , environmental refrigerant and C-P insulation.
Wide voltage range , wide climate class.
Tempered glass with low-e film , more firm and heat preservation.


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