Factory Outlets Defrost - Upright Cooler Supermarket Refrigerator Merchandise Display Chiller – Dusung

Model LK092WS-M03 LK122WS-M03 LK183WS-M03 LK244WS-M03
Net volume(L) 400 530 800 1060
Display Areas(mm) 1.7 2 3.5 4.7
Weight ( Kg ) 185 320 356 474
Unit dimension (mm) 980*760*1920 1285*760*1920 1895*760*1920 2500*760*1920
Package dimension (mm) 1180*880*2100 1485*880*2100 2095*880*2100 2700*880*2100
20′ Max loading 10 7 6 4
40HQ’ Max loading 23 16 13 8

Air curtain cooling, rapid cooling, even cooling.


Interior air outlet in rear board,supply cold to inner merchandise.


The shelve can be equipped with LED lighting and easy to install.


Can push pull shelf, loading goods is convenient.


Topping light box design, easy to show your brand and banner.

1-2-LKWS-M03-Dusung Refrigeration

Adjustable shelves.Multi-layer Shelves Can Be Adjusted Freely For A Perfect Display.


Microcomputer digital temperature control.

7-LKWS-M03-Dusung Refrigeration

The position of the probe is in the refrigerating blind area of the roof in the cabinet, which can effectively reach the set actual temperature.


LED lighting docking type cables, than traditional plug-in do more clean and beautiful.

10-LKWS-M03-Dusung Refrigeration