Short Lead Time for Display Refrigerator Commercial - Supermarket refrigeration equipment island freezer – Dusung

Gross volume (L)375L430L 635L480L

Model ZD18C01-L  ZP21C01-L ZP25C01-L
Dimension(W x D x H) 1.3 1.5 1.7
Volume(L) 460 560 570
Dimension (mm) 1895*88*906 2115*888*948  2502*888*948
Power 560 570  680

The liner material is thickened and durable.

1-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

Light,LED tube super bright, 6000K cool color and 4000K warm color. Excellent display, power saving and long life.

6-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

Evaporator and condenser are copper tube, easy to connect, not easy to oxidize, high durability.

2-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

The bumper strip adopts the soft and hard technology, the upper soft and the lower hard, and the bottom plate adopts aluminum alloy.

4-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

Foot margin and casters free to choose.

11-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

Transparent tempered top glass, adopting low-e technology to save energy and never frost to ensure foods hygiene.

13-island freezer-DusungRefrigeration

World famous compressor with reliable system brings lower noise and heat.

12-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

Microcomputer temperature controller, led temperature indicator, automatic defrost, more accurate and efficient.

18-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration