supermarket refrigerator meat shop equipment

Model GK0.25 GK0.4 GK0.5 GK0.7
Display areas(mm) 1.04 1.56 2.08 3.12
Net volume(L) 0.17 0.25 0.33  0.5
Size with end panel(mm) 1410*1150*900 2035*1150*900 2660*1150*900 3910*1150*900
Rated Power (kg) 440 500 800 1100
20′ Max loading 8 8 4 2
40HQ’ Max loading 18 18 8 6

The rear counter design is more convenient for clerk’s work.


Removable  Hollow End Panel,Simple to clean.


Humanized sloping glass design, anti-extrusion, anti-condensation.


Optional:Stainless Steel bottom or Deck, Easy to Clean,No to Rust.


Could combined to different shape.


Humanized sloping glass design, anti-extrusion, anti-condensation.

7-meat display refrigerator-dusung refrigeration

Protect bumper.In the maximum ,to avoid the collision from shopping cart or other mobile subject,supply the biggest

18-meat display refrigerator-dusung refrigeration

Removable  Hollow End Panel,Simple to clean.

24-meat display refrigerator-dusung refrigeration

Enlarge Cooling System,Could Work In 32℃.

9-meat display refrigerator-dusung refrigeration

Digital temperature controller ensures better temperature control and energy saving.


Danfoss,Denmark The best expansion valve,High efficiency.

3-meat display refrigerator-dusung refrigeration